Clogged pipes in the house

Clogged pipes in the house

A headache that can cost dearly…

To common problem that we are all Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου called to face sooner or later, is the blockage in the pipes of our house. In fact, most of the time, a clogged sewer is accompanied by a strong stench in the area, due to the dirty water that is not absorbed.

A clogged tubing is a big headache for a household and can bring you face to face with difficult and uncomfortable situations.

In this case, you will need immediate intervention from a specialized obstruction team to solve your problem. The most common problems with clogged drains are found in the toilet bowl, bathtub and kitchen sink.

So what can you do to minimize the chances of sewage getting clogged in your home, apartment building or business?

The most important step to avoid clogged pipes is to frequently and properly clean them from hair, small objects, paper, grease, cotton, detergents and food that stick to the walls of the pipe and slowly clog, preventing the comfortable passage of water.

To keep your head calm, follow the following useful and simple tips

  1. Avoid throwing paper, bristles, small objects, food scraps or grease into the pipes.
  2. Install plastic mesh at the mouth of the sink, bath and sink.
  3. Use vinegar or baking soda in combination with hot water to clean the pipes. Helps to break down and remove fat while removing unpleasant odors.
  4. You can also pour lemon juice with boiling water. Lemon deeply cleanses your siphon while at the same time disinfecting naturally, without the use of dangerous chemicals.
  5. Get an obstructive spiral piping and a suction cup, for simple blocking problems, giving the solution yourself.

Of course, not all cases are so simple. It is possible that the problem is more serious and at a great depth in the piping of your building, so it requires the use of special blocking techniques such as camera blockage, which reaches even the most difficult and inaccessible points of the piping and locates exactly the point blockage.

The unblocking company Αποφράξεις – Αντωνίου, with experience since 1970 in all types of blockages, can guarantee an excellent quality result in combination with very affordable prices.

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