8 steps to do sexting right


8 steps to do sexting right

Do you need something to renew the relationship? Sexting may be the answer.

According to a survey presented at the annual conference of the American Psychological Association, 88% of adults and escorts athens state that they have exchanged malicious SMS with their partner. In fact, 75% reveal that they have adopted this practice in a long-term relationship, while about 45% in an occasional one. And why not;

Couples who do not exclude sexting from the love menu of their relationship state that they are happier with their sex life and their relationship in general. “If sexting did not offer something, there would not be so many who do,” said lead researcher Emily Stasko of Drexel University. “On the contrary, the evidence shows that those who do are gaining something positive.” According to experts, by exchanging messages with erotic content, two partners have the opportunity to communicate what they may be hesitant to ask in bed and this in turn can turn the act into something more intense and satisfying.

I often recommend sexting as a practice that can help couples renew their relationship,” says Patti Britton, a San Francisco-based clinical sexologist. When it comes to people who are tired of the routine, “bored” with each other or describe their relationship as “sexually dead“, there is a chance in the digital world to discover those “building materials” that will allow them to rebuild their sexual intercourse on a solid basis “.

And these facts may apply to couples who live far away from you, but why rule out the possibility that some hot messages may be this “something” that is missing to take off the sensuality in your relationship?

Try it, but without risking various surprises, following the following 8 steps of sexting:

1. A picture speaks a thousand words!

You can, if you want, embellish the dialogue with photos, but on one condition: make sure your face does not appear or something that may betray your identity (you never know if these images will leak on the Internet). Under no circumstances should you send a nude photo of yourself, even if you have complete confidence in the recipient.

The cyberspace is a mess and you can never be sure that the files will remain on the device for which they were intended. After all, the point is not to let the image speak for itself, but to use it to add “atmosphere“. He preferred suggestive images that say a lot without showing them, leaving the first word to the imagination.

2. Timing is everything!

Do not start sexting too early. If your relationship is still very young, four-on-four communication is always preferable. This does not mean that you should exclude sexting from your conversations, it is better to use SMS only to leave some promises and try to get to know each other better up close.

3. Let the imagination run wild, but…

Do not write in your messages things that you do not mean and do not intend to ever do. This does not mean that you have to curb your imagination. But if you are talking about something that you do not intend to transfer from the realm of your imagination to your bed, at least make it clear from the beginning.

4. Respond

Give a clear picture of how you feel when you read a sext. If you liked something your partner wrote, tell him. If you do not like something, say it again. Remember that in this type of communication one does not see the other’s reactions when receiving the message and it is difficult to decide whether it is on the right track or not. Be sure to give evidence to encourage him.

5. Do not give it all at once

The aim of sexting is to create an atmosphere of sexual tension which gradually escalates, as the two participants add fuel to the fire with every phrase, every photo, every description, every promise. In addition, if you reveal your intentions too quickly, the other person may feel “threatened“, especially if the relationship is still in its infancy and you do not know each other very well.

If you are the one who sends the first sext, it is best to start with a simple hint and give the other the choice to continue in deeper waters or not. As in “normal” sex, in sexting the preliminaries are necessary.

6. Pay attention to the auto-correction!

Turn off the auto-correction feature on your mobile. Otherwise you risk sending the message that you will be waiting for him in bed at night like “a beach” (instead of “bitch”).

7. Write responsibly

Never send sext if you have drunk one (and two or three) glasses of wine more. There is a risk that you send the wrong message to the wrong person. Think about how you would feel if a sly message intended for your partner ended up on your boss or manager’s cell phone…

8. Press delete

When you have finished your “hot” conversation, delete all messages, both incoming and outgoing. Not only do you not want to leave documents that may at some point fall into the wrong hands (along with your cell phone), but you yourself may feel uncomfortable reading your personal “dialogue” at an irrelevant time.
Do not overdo it with emojis

We women love to embellish our digital conversations with them. In addition, it is the shortest way to send a good morning to your co-worker or a message that you will be late for your appointment. However, in a dialogue that is meant to be sexy, as you understand a cute teddy bear that has a wink probably has no place.

What is sexting that breaks down in men and women?

Who has not sent a love letter to their partner? Who has not responded in the same style to her lover? Almost everyone. But love letters are now a thing of the past. Sexting is now the king of sexual communication between 2 people.

But what is sexting? It is the union of 2 words, the word sex and texting (that is, I write). Sexting is the exchange of erotic messages (and when we say messages we mean whole “sheets“, while dialogue is not excluded), between 2 people and has as a direct consequence their sexual arousal. That is, you can be at work and see your beautiful and explosive colleague opposite, constantly exchanging messages on her cell phone, and smiling here and there, and a volcano erupting under her clothes ready to erupt.

And of course sexting is not limited to the exchange of text messages, but also images (photos and videos) since now with the help of technology, everything is possible. However, this phenomenon did not go unnoticed by the scientific community. And recently the Department of Psychology at the University of Michigan conducted a study of 3,447 men and women aged 18-24.

It was found that 57% did not send and receive such messages, 28.2% sent and accepted, 12.6% only accepted, while 2% were only senders.

Research has also shown that men seem to love this “sport”. 92% of women, on the other hand, admitted that they send SMS and MMS with sexual content, and 30% of women find it fun but also boosting their self-confidence. Also, young people who have sex are more likely to be senders than those who have an intense sex life.

The head of the research, Jose Bauermeister, stated that the psychology of a person has nothing to do with sexting. On the contrary, it indicates a healthy sex life. “We need to pay attention to how technology affects our lives and at the same time our sexual behaviour and relationship.” However, they state that sexting performed by minors or escorts call girls is a different topic to consider.

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