Painting colors that will dominate in 2022!

Painting colors that will dominate in 2022!

We talked to Gikas experts about the painting colors that will dominate in 2022 – and how each painting color can best affect our mood.

We tend to define our favorite colors and be “stuck” with them as other aspects of our lives change. Some like bright shades and boldly project them on their walls, while others are attracted to neutral painting colors and usually keep their spaces just as calm.

This year, after many changes, you may feel the desire to upgrade your home with a new but predictable painting color. Or maybe you have changed your attitude towards your preferred color choices, after spending so much time indoors and now you want to dare to step out of your comfort zone. As the desire to express our personal style increases, painting colors provide us with a great opportunity to show this creativity!

So let’s see below the painting colors that are already popular in 2022:

Yellow painting color 2022

The colors of the walls have a direct impact on the mood of homeowners and their guests in Montclair, NJ. In general, in 2022 there is a tendency for consumers to lean towards attractive shades reminiscent of the countryside. The calm shades and colors that are found everywhere in nature provide balance and a breath of fresh air in the living room, the bedroom, and in general in all areas of our homes.

Combine the yellow painting color with yellow boards or yellow posters!

Green is the painting color 2022!

If you’re ready to make a change that can be easily adapted to your environment. It is a soft, silver-green that you can describe as soft and dreamy but at the same time refreshing!

The soft, green color in sage tones can raise the level in a room with simple furniture or accentuate the existing earth tones in a living room. October Mist facilitates the creation of combinations with a wide range of colors, it is a painting color that creates a canvas for experimentation!

The color that will conquer our walls in 2022: Green of… sage!

Everyone is looking for softer tones to create a feeling of warmth and well-being in their homes. Sage green is a color that calms you, changes with the light, and is endlessly adaptable. Green kitchens and walls in olive and sage tones have been steadily gaining in popularity over the past two years and it looks like the pale green madness will continue to dominate shortly.

Combine the green painting color with green boards or green posters!

Intense earthy painting colors 2022

Like most painting color predictions for 2022 we’ve seen so far, bright earthy colors are nature-inspired shades. The bright earthy colors – like the brown tile in the photo – allow you to try something new and different.

Paint the ceiling, frames, or even the door in this shade and complement it with brass or black tones. We suggest you the earthy light choice of the photo or which reminds the bronze shade of a coin! Imagine how wonderful this painting color will look in a dining room during the holidays.

Combine earthy painting colors with beige paintings or beige posters! For a darker wall color choose brown boards or brown posters.

2022 Shades of gray on the walls!

If you like to change your wardrobe and decoration every time the season changes, then the wall color of the above photo is the ideal shade for autumn and winter. It is a shade of gray with violet tones that can be used as a softer alternative to the simple – and sometimes boring – gray painting color.

The specific color is also great for those who want to create a darker but at the same time impressive space in the new Dark Academia style of decoration. You can use it locally, for example, emphasizing the entrance of the house, or to a greater extent in a living room, in combination with dark tones of wood and strong textures of fabrics.

Combine gray painting colors with black and white paintings or black and white posters!

Pastel painting colors 2022

If you like the lightest and softest painting colors do not worry: After an absence of a few years, pastel painting colors make a dynamic return!

Try these soft shades in the bedroom to create a relaxing environment or incorporate it into the hallways for a harmonious feel.

A pastel green on the walls or in the kitchen cabinets is a trend that we will see a lot in 2022 and gives a feeling of cleanliness and calm!

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