3 mistakes girls do when flirting


8 mistakes girls do when flirting

As humans we tend to make many mistakes, but there are some specifics that we women often make when flirting with someone. Men may understand them better when we do them, but the time has come for us to recognize them ourselves and not repeat them the next time we like someone:

1. Act indifferent and not interested

Sometimes pretending to be indifferent can have the desired effect and make him stick with you, but there are times when such a move fails and things take a completely different turn than you expected. When you pretend that you do not care much and you behave comfortably, as if nothing is happening, you probably give him the impression that he is not interested and he wastes his time unfairly with you, so it is better for him to go ahead or look elsewhere. In addition, if you succeed in achieving your goal, do you really want to be with someone you only like when you are not interested? In your position, I would answer NO! Therefore, if you have caught someone’s eye and you like them very much, it is not a shame to admit it. Just show it to him!

2. Pretend you like the things he likes.

One of the biggest mistakes a girl can make when flirting! Honesty is one of the most important qualities that every person should value in another. Therefore, you have no reason to lie about your preferences just to please him more. A classic example (more cliché, you die) is everyone’s music. What if he listens to rock and you Greek or vice versa, from there will be judged the future of your relationship? At least funny. In addition, I imagine you know that one lie brings the other and in the end you will find yourself in a difficult position not knowing what to answer. So when he asks you if you have heard such a band and you answer “Yes, they are awesome!”, You will automatically be asked to answer questions such as “What is their best song?” or “Which look did you like most?” So instead of getting burned on YouTube listening to all their songs to know what to say, just back up your preferences. If he does not appreciate your sincerity and criticizes you, then … your kisses!

3. Drink so much that you can not control yourself.

I do not object that one or two glasses of wine or a few shots can relax you and drive away the nervousness and embarrassment you feel, but not to the point of becoming a liar and being picked up by a person. Then do not be surprised why he did not call you again! Try to keep it calm especially on the first date and maybe it would be a good idea if you did not order 5 beers and stay at one or two.