What is link building?

What is link building?

Link building is one of the most valued aspects of SEO strategies. But at the same time, it is the most difficult at the time of making it mature to obtain good results. Many conditioning factors are involved in this.

Link building encompasses the actions that are carried out to ensure that the pages of a website are linked from others. Something that gives authority to the domain and the whole site. Especially if the pages from which the links come are recognized in their niche or market sector.

It is one of the elements that has the most direct influence on the positioning of a website. Ideal for company pages or corporate blogs. In this post we explain how to handle it properly.

Link building in positioning

A web page cannot function as an island in the ocean that is the Internet, it must be connected to other pages. Like people, pages have to relate, even to develop a personal brand.

Connectivity through the link building technique is a sign of good management by those who manage the page. This is obvious, since inbound link building takes effort.

The main idea of ​​link building is to get external pages (the more famous and with the highest traffic, the better) link our content in their own spaces. In the context of a digital marketing plan, these external links are called backlinks. The better reputation a page has thanks to the amount of links it receives, the more positively it will affect its SEO positioning.

Link building benefits

Google’s algorithm, which is actually a set of many of them, will take into account the number of links. In SERP search results, search engines will show pages in top rankings. Something that should be part of the definition of objectives of any business.

In combined online marketing strategies, it is appreciated to increase the authority thanks to the creation of quality backlinks. Any web project will be rewarded for it.

As the quality of links in the link building strategy is relevant, this can also be reflected in the recognition in social networks. Many people will talk or recommend what they see referred to through the sites they usually consult. Without a doubt, the dream of any growth hacking maneuver with few resources.

How to get more backlinks thanks to link building

Inbound marketing strategies, among others, help to gain followers and also inbound links. We analyze below the most recommendable and profitable tactics to achieve them:

Content is king (here too)

A link is not usually provided for free, good ideas to create content take center stage. The administrators of a page emit external links when they fully trust them. Therefore, they are going to select them carefully, their own online reputation depends on who they are linking and recommending.

It is precisely for this reason that the ability to create original and valuable content matters. Much better if it is content that goes viral. Thus it will be possible to start generating external links of interest and beneficial for positioning.

Evergreen content for link building

Create timeless content when writing online texts and other multimedia materials. It is highly advisable to discuss topics that do not have an expiration date. That makes it easier for a certain article on a page to be linked from another web portal. Mainly, because it will keep something current and current. It will have a higher performance of visits over time, if it is always useful to link it.

This is not an excuse to reduce the average quality of the copywriting in the other content that will be made. It is simply a guiding idea on the best way to raise them.

Consider digital media

The media and digital press tend to be very well positioned in search engines. If we get linked, part of that SEO prestige will also go to the page that receives backlinks. It never hurts to send press releases to publicize our activity.

Consequently, a good relationship should be established with some of these media. The idea is to become a reference source within the sector. Thus achieve that the page is cited when talking about these topics.

Work SEO off page

Not only do you have to take care of on-page SEO, that is, good content, a suitable keyword strategy, etc. You have to take into account the basics of SEO to facilitate indexing by search engines. And also look at the competition by studying the terrain in which we move. In this case, it is about looking for media or pages that can see us as a reference to achieve their links.

What should be done about a poor quality link?

Keep in mind that each link has a different quote. Some add, but others subtract. It will depend on the prestige and quality of the page that emits these links.

It should be noted that the SEO specialist, webmaster, web designer or recipient of such links may or may not accept them. When they link us naturally, we must measure how it will affect the reputation from that website to the page itself. Know if it is convenient to receive such links because of their influence, which can also be negative.

Therefore, another fundamental part of this strategy is to pay attention to the quality of the external links that we are receiving. Make sure that they do not harm us, or detect broken links and those that may have errors.


Link building is a positioning factor that must be worked on intensively. Everything initially happens to do good content marketing, analyze the links that arrive and study the environment. The next thing will be to establish contacts with other media, pages and bloggers.

It is important to know what else can be done to gain new quality backlinks. Establishing relationships with other actors in the guild is something to consider.

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Tips to write SEO friendly articles

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Tips to write SEO friendly articles

If you own an online business then you know that it is a constant battle to produce an article that is going to be SEO friendly. There are some simple steps that you can follow in order to write a successful article that would be promoted by Google and we are going to discuss them further down.

Meet your readers

Before getting to SEO, it is very useful to choose a topic to write about. Know what your users want to read and pay attention to industry trends to find out what your readers are interested in reading.

Original content

It can be frustrating to come up with something out of the ordinary, only to find it on Google and find a similar article that has already been written. We find themes that have been rebuilt over and over again. Suffice it to say that since so many people are blogging now (especially in such a large community as web design and web design), it is very difficult to find topics they have not talked about.

But this is a writer’s job – he has to find topics that will interest readers and write about them creatively. Sure, writing style will greatly affect the originality of an article, but it must be attacked from different angles.

Style and flow

Style is something very personal for writers. The first thing you need to create is your style and the personality that comes through your writing. This should often be easy as you write and it will build over time, but the style you create will largely determine who returns. There are many well thought out articles out there. Stay tuned and make each article a story.

Be prepared for criticism

Design is such a broad subject that not everyone knows everything and everyone has different experiences. So do not be surprised when someone leaves a comment that embarrasses you about how you should respond. You find that your audience also has a voice and opinions and you need to make sure that what you are saying is correct in every way. Not only that, but you should be prepared to discuss the different points in your article.


You can enter the CSS of a website to use linear height and letters to make your content more readable. There are some principles we need to follow when dealing with internet typography.

Maintain a hierarchy

We all need to know the difference between serif and sans-serif fonts. Sans-serif fonts should be used for titles and serif fonts should only be used for body text. Make sure you create a title hierarchy that uses the correct font and also does not visually damage the content. Nobody likes big pieces of content.

Maintain the structure

Make sure your fonts are legible and your content is legible. In general, a meter (or text line) should be contained within 2-3 alphabets (or equivalent to 52-78 characters including spaces). When designing, using grid systems can help the crowd by ensuring that everything is legible.

Customize your CSS accordingly

You should always adjust the size of your font (using relative sizes) accordingly, paying particular attention to the height of your font and the color you use. Because most sites have abstract text blocks, you need to create an extra space at the bottom of your paragraphs to align it.

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